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Townhouses, also known as townhomes or row homes, are practical real estate options to choose if you want to buy into a desirable but competitive community. Ideal for first-time home buyers sticking to a budget, townhomes offer comfort and convenience at reasonable price points, while providing owners with property interest that will help them establish a foothold in the local real estate market.

Want to know more about townhomes? Fort Collins, CO real estate specialist Matthew Curry is pleased to present this helpful guide:

Why choose a townhome?

  • Townhouse units are more spacious than an apartment or condo, but more affordable than a single-family home

    If you’re moving up from a rental lifestyle, consider buying a townhouse over a condo to enjoy more square footage and privacy while still keeping your financial obligations manageable.

    Townhouse units give you two to three stories of living space all to yourself. While you may still share a wall or two with neighbors, this is a significant upgrade over the limited space you used to occupy when you were renting an apartment or living in a regular condo unit. Townhomes also have their own parking space, as well as a modest yard or outdoor area.

  • You can still enjoy condo living conveniences

    Living in a townhome comes with familiar conveniences that a former condo tenant might recognize. Townhouse complexes offer shared amenities and common areas that accommodate and encourage recreational and social activities among residents. These perks include fitness centers, swimming pools, function rooms, and event or performance venues.

    Upkeep for your unit is primarily your responsibility, but maintenance and repairs may be partially covered by the homeowners’ association. The shared responsibility typically only applies to common exterior areas.

  • Buying a townhouse unit earns you ownership interest

    Purchasing a townhouse affords you the rights to the unit and to the land on which it was built. With a condo, you only own the unit, whereas the land is still the property of the building owner.

    This is a crucial difference because ownership of land gives you a better longterm asset. It also imposes fewer usage restrictions on how you can use or personalize the property.

Things to consider when buying a townhouse

  • How private are the units?

    Look into the soundproofing measures used in the living spaces. You can also consider the type of neighborhood community you are moving into. A college community might create a fun and vibrant social environment, but consider how this youthful energy will affect you when it resonates from your bedroom wall.

  • What are the homeowners’ association (HOA) rules and regulations?

    It’s crucial to understand the guidelines imposed by the townhouse complex HOA. From organizing social events for the community to enforcing strict rules regarding day-to-day tenant behavior, pet care or property renovations, the HOA will affect the living experience that you’re anticipating.

  • Who is responsible for insurance?

    Insurance is one of the most important aspects of buying real estate. Understand the terms regarding insurance coverage for your townhome property. Whether the HOA makes a partial contribution, or you cover it in full, be sure that you and your belongings are properly protected from any unforeseen events and circumstances.

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