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Lakefront Homes

While better known for their proximity to the southern foothills of the Rocky Mountain Range, communities in Northern Colorado also feature outstanding lake areas. Experience a different kind of luxury living in these waterfront communities. Check out the exciting array of Northern Colorado lake homes with Matthew Curry.

Northern Colorado Lakefront Communities

  • Fort Collins

    Waterfront communities in Fort Collins include the areas surrounding Warren Lake, Williams Lake, and Nelson Reservoir. There are also waterfront areas along the west (Horseshoe Reservoir) and southeast (Fossil Creek Reservoir) boundaries of the city where real estate buyers can find properties near the lakes.

  • Loveland

    Loveland features several notable bodies of water, including Lake Loveland, the adjacent Buckingham and Boedecker Lakes, Ryan Gulch Reservoir, and Boyd Lake, one of the best-known lake areas and state parks in the Front Range region.

  • Windsor

    The central portion of Windsor features neighborhoods that surround the shores of Windsor Lake. There’s also a golf community close to the southern part of town called the Pelican Lakes Golf Club.

Why buy lakefront homes in Northern Colorado?

  • Experience nature at its finest

    Communities like Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor are flanked by a surplus of natural beauty. The majestic outlines of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains are perfectly complemented by the idyllic conditions of a waterfront setting.

  • Retreat to unparalleled tranquility

    For families who spend most of their day in a crowded urban or commercial district, lakefront homes offer the ideal end-of-day respite with their soothing sights and sounds, not to mention an abundance of fresh air.

  • Never run out of ideas for play and recreation

    When you live around a lake or a state park area, there’s always something fun to do. Go fishing, whether it’s from a dock or on a boat. Take a dip to feel the water firsthand. Hike or bike along a trail circling the shoreline. Or simply enjoy a picnic with the family in front of the sparkling water. Need to recharge after a stressful week at work? Just step out of your waterfront home and have a field day.

  • You are investing for the future

    Lakefront homes are a smart investment in real estate because they are luxurious properties that will hold and potentially increase in value over time. Whether you choose to keep it for your family’s use throughout the coming generations, or at some point decide to put the property on the market, you’re placing yourself in an advantageous situation either way.

    Shorefronts are a limited space, so grab the opportunity to own your piece of prime real estate if it’s available. In addition, the waterfront lifestyle is regarded as one of the highest standards of luxury living, so you can be confident that your property will garner strong interest from the market even years down the road.

If you want to see the selection of waterfront homes for sale in Northern Colorado, Matthew Curry is the real estate expert to call. Get in touch today by calling (970) 889-0307 or send him an email at matt(at)welcometonoco(dotted)com.