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Vast stretches of land are common in the Northern Colorado communities of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor. Explore these potential-laden real estate opportunities with Matthew Curry.

Land and Acreage in Northern Colorado

Ranch land for sale in Colorado comes in many forms. Real estate buyers have plenty of options that will allow them to maximize their investment, whether for personal or commercial use.

  • Fort Collins

    With a notable history as a prosperous agricultural center in the Northern Colorado region, Fort Collins presents a selection of sprawling farmsteads. The expansive stretches of land here are ideal for developing vegetable and fruit farms or establishing a horse or cattle ranch.

  • Loveland

    Nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountain range, this Larimer County municipality is an ideal location. It is surrounded by scenery in all directions, comprising impressive mountainous horizons, rolling plains, and even a few lakefront areas. From farm properties with vast stretches of cattle grazing and equestrian-friendly land to vacant lots that allow buyers to build their dream properties from the ground up, Loveland acreage is all about opportunity.

  • Windsor

    Also known for its agricultural heritage, Windsor is highly desired for its modest, small-town vibe. Its proximity to Fort Collins and Loveland assures residents that urban conveniences are just a short drive away, while its abundance of vacant lots and acreage guarantees a high degree of building opportunities for home buyers and commercial investors.

Why buy acreage in Northern Colorado?

  • You invest in the path of growth

    Northern Colorado towns are highly coveted residential destinations because of the area’s rolling landscapes, gorgeous Rocky Mountain Front Range views, and proximity to the Denver metropolitan area. This makes the location a hub of aggressive growth. Investing in acreage here is a smart way to stake your claim on an excellent portion of Colorado land that may increase in demand, give or take a few more years.

  • There is little competition for land

    Compared to residential real estate, buying acreage – especially vacant, raw land – is a typically less competitive field. Most buyers and investors are generally preoccupied with houses, condos, luxury homes, and commercial buildings, often overlooking the immediate as well as the long-term benefits of investing in land. Use this to your advantage to secure an excellent acreage property at a less competitive price.

    For vacant land, it also helps that owners be less emotionally invested in the property. This is because the raw land is not being used as their place of residence, or as a productive business asset.

  • Land is an excellent long-term asset

    Acreage doesn’t go to waste, even if you’re not sure on how to maximize it. While being productive with the property is encouraged, there’s no urgency for you to do anything with it right away. Land holds and gradually grows its value over time, so even if you don’t develop it into a farm or lease it off to tenants, you’re not liable to lose anything. As long as the land is suitable for building, you own a profitable asset.

Learn more about land for sale in Northern Colorado from real estate specialist Matthew Curry. Get in touch with him today by calling (970) 889-0307 or sending an email to matt(at)welcometonoco(dotted)com.