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Ideal Date Spots in Fort Collins

date spots in Fort Collins

Planning a date with your significant other? Fort Collins has a great collection of establishments that can help you put together the best date ever. Here are some of our recommendations.

  1. Ace Gillett’s
    239 S College Ave

    Impress your date by taking the date underground to Ace Gillett’s speakeasy and lounge. The dark and sultry atmosphere lends itself well to a night of romance.

    Dark booths and candlelit tables complement the fine selection of tapas and cocktails. If you love music, schedule your date between Wednesday and Sunday− these nights offer live jazz.

  2. The Melting Pot
    334 E Mountain Ave

    For a novelty dining experience with your date, try The Melting Pot. This restaurant is famed for their gourmet fondue. The quiet ambiance complemented by low lighting make it a great option to enjoy private moments.

    You can opt for the classic four-course menu that includes a cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, and your choice of salad and entrée. There is also the Best of Fort Collins four-course experience that features local favorites selected to suit the diner’s tastes and preferences. Gluten-free and vegan options are available.

  3. Café Vino
    1200 S College Ave

    Romance is the language of fine wine, which makes Café Vino just perfect for the romantic dinner you are setting up for your date. Rated as one of the best date spots in Fort Collins, Café Vino offers a sophisticated European-style menu, complemented by your choice of fine wine, handcrafted cocktail, or local craft beer. The fire pit adds to the already-warm ambiance.

  4. Walrus Ice Cream Co.
    125 W Mountain Ave

    End a casual lunch date or a romantic dinner on a lovely and creamy note. Passing by Walrus’ ice cream parlor in Downtown Fort Collins. Offering a delectable selection of homemade ice creams, dairy-free sorbet, sherbet, and frozen yogurt, it is a great place to stop for dessert.

    There are 29 flavors to choose from, with local favorites including chocolate malt, vanilla bean, huckleberry, and mint chip. You can also treat your date to a “Saturdae,” Walrus’ unique take on the classic Sundae.

  5. Downtown Artery
    252 Linden Street

    The Downtown Artery is a dynamic mixed space where live music, fashion, and art hold center stage.

    Performances by up and coming artists, dance parties, karaoke, open mic sessions, movie nights, and much more make this an eclectic and unpredictable place. If you love art and are looking to enjoy a unique date experience, check out the schedule at the Artery.

  6. Pinball Jones
    Old Town Square, 107 Linden Street

    Take your significant other or crush to a fun date at the popular basement barcade. Pinball Jones brings to life youthful nostalgia with a wide variety of arcade games including the iconic foosball, PacMan, and Galaga.

    With just 50 cents required to play a game, it makes for an affordable and fun experience. They also offer a good selection of beer options with moderately priced draughts. 

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