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5 High-Tech Home Features That Make Your Colorado Home More Sellable


Smart home appliances and features bring convenience and efficiency to everyday living. This is why these amenities are very much in demand among homes for sale by today’s discriminating buyers.

If you are planning to invest on high-tech upgrades to make your Fort Collins, Loveland, or Windsor home more enticing to buyers, start with this list:

  • Home hubs
  • Automation is the key innovation that makes smart homes so desirable. This is made possible by an interconnected ecosystem of appliances communicating with each other over wireless home networks.

    Smart home hubs like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple TV, and Samsung SmartThings are growing in popularity and relevance. This pushes more manufacturers to develop more internet-connected home appliances. With these devices, homeowners gain a centralized means to control all connected appliances. These artificial intelligence-based control centers can follow voice commands, taking convenience to the next level.

  • Internet-connected security systems
  • A good home is one that guarantees peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. This can be achieved with internet-connected surveillance systems.

    Today’s smart security cameras take home monitoring a step further by enabling users to check on their properties even while they are away. Whether at work or on vacation, homeowners can view a live feed of their premises via the internet.

    In addition, some internet security solutions can automatically contact your local community’s police or emergency services.

  • Digital door locks
  • With innovative smart locks, you do away with fumbling around in your pocket or bag for your keys. Instead, these digital locks open with a code, the homeowners’ fingerprints or via a wireless interface with your mobile phone.

    Smart locks also let you program special access codes for guests or visiting family members, eliminating the need for spare keys.

  • Adaptive centralized thermostats
  • Smart thermostats are especially practical in large homes with many rooms. They can be accessed conveniently from your mobile phone or tablet’s screen. These also have adaptive capabilities that can learn or predict your usage habits over time.

    Being able to adjust temperatures in different parts of the home from a single location leads to notable energy savings in the long run. It also spares homeowners from the hassle of having to tweak appliance settings in every
    room in the house.

  • Smart light bulbs and fixtures
  • One of the simplest smart home upgrades you can make that can deliver the best benefits is smart lighting. Smart lights are great to have in homes because of their long-term energy-saving potential. They are easy to set up and demonstrate to buyers during your home viewings, too.

    Smart lighting solutions are increasing in variety, function, and purpose these days. Some smart lights offer adjustable brightness or intensity for your many lighting needs (i.e., bright for reading, dim for movie nights). Others can be powered on and off remotely or automatically via sensors.

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