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10 Hacks that make small living spaces look bigger

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Although it would be nice to just buy a bigger house when we feel the walls closing in, that isn’t always possible. Luckily, there are simple remedies that can make rooms look and feel bigger.

Here are 10 cost-effective ways to make your living spaces look bigger without upgrading the square-footage.

  1. Add window seats

    Additional seating is always functional. Why not add a seat by the bwindow so you can also soak up the sun and enjoy the view? As a bonus, you can add storage below the seat to truly maximize your space.

  2. Make your own furniture

    When you shop for furniture, you need to be extra aware of each individual piece and how it would fit with the space you have. When you
    make your own furniture, you can customize and adjust accordingly. You can even add personal touches to truly make it your own.

  3. Get a gallery tray table

    Instead of the typical coffee table, get a gallery tray table. It comes with several features such an additional shelf under the table and a removable tray. The latter can be taken out if you’re serving drinks and snacks.

  4. Art and décor that pop

    Although it may seem counterintuitive, getting statement art can divert attention from the size of the room to the style instead. It is also a good way to add personality to the room and showcase your talent in interior design.

  5. Hanging door storage

    Doors can function as added storage. There are over-the-door mirrors, coat hangers, and even hat hangers you can install at the back of a door. When used properly, these options can be stylish as well as functional.

  6. Wheeled storage and furniture

    Storage and furniture with wheels make it so much easier to move items out of sight quickly. Carts can be used as a portable “bar” for your home, for example, and multi-functional furniture can be easily utilized in multiple rooms.

  7. Vertical gardens

    No yard but you want a garden? Take it indoors by installing a vertical garden. Click here to find out how you can build a hanging wall planterinside your home.

  8. Electronics charging station

    Establishing a hidden “charging station” will help to keep your devices charged while hiding the unsightly cables. Try options that can be used
    for multiple purposes, like desk organizers that double as charging stations.

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